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Photography & Art Competition

Call for Submissions

Each winner in the four main categories receive a $200 gift card to Amazon.com as well as being featured on the Berggruen Institute website. All submissions are subject to use by the Institute and will receive full accreditation whenever used in print or Internet media. Continue reading to learn more or Submit an entry now.

Mission Statement

The Berggruen Institute explores the ideas shaping the 21st Century. In an era of unprecedented technological advances and globalization, looking at traditions and social trends being challenged, or even faltering, is key to building a better future for everyone. What are our most fundamental beliefs and systems founded on locally, nationally, and globally?

We strive to create conversation across cultural and political boundaries to explore the questions of our time, from global systems to what it means to be human in the age of technology.

We want to know what those fundamental questions facing us are from you—the people who will experience, evolve, and shape our future world. We invite you to share your vision with us, through your lens. We are welcoming photo and visual art that address or embody the following themes we are working with in 2016.

    • With a growing population and rising economic leadership on the global stage, understanding China, from its ancient philosophical roots to its modernization, is hugely important. How and why we think differently will help us to bridge the differences between East and West and foster social, political and business innovation.

      What is China globally, historically, ideologically and as a country and idea? We want to know what Understanding China means to you.
    • Philosophy is the network of beliefs, practices, and values that underlie what we think and, ultimately, how we act as individuals and groups. The technological era is not only changing the things of our world, but what we as people mean and how we interface with our world. Questions of identity, community, and organization are shifting as quickly as new devices are being invented. With so much possibility, what will the philosophy of the future address? How is technology changing who we are and how we relate? Is it all for the better? Is it all bad?
    • Whatever the government, looking at best practices and understanding the underlying principles that legitimate governments is part of bettering our world. Whether we look at meritocracy or democracy, socialism or capitalism, examining the relationship between government and the governed is crucial to informing foreign and domestic policy, human rights, economic initiatives, and why the political decisions we make are sound—or, in some cases, prove inconsistent.
    • Navigating the transformative effect of technology is the key challenge for the 21st Century. The WorldPost Future Series explores a unique topic of the transformative effects of technology on individuals, governments and societies. The Future Series is an interdisciplinary symposium that envisions the future, and encourages dialogue that inspires insight about the interaction between the human world and the technologies that shape it.

      Areas of focus and submission for Future Series 2016 are:

      • Future of Mobility
      • Future of Artificial Intelligence & Networked Information
      • Future Living & Work

Submit an entry

Max file size 2mb - For larger files, please send via email to studio@berggruen.org accompanied by the theme and description.